JAWABAN VIDEO QUIZ BOS (the epic fortnite quiz)

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Nah ini jawabannya soalnya

 The Epic Fortnite Quiz With Answer All Q 1. Let’s start with a simple one: What does Fortnite run on? Answer: Unreal Engine 4 Q 2. How many weapon tiers are in Fortnite? Answer: 5 Q 3. What is the name of the first emote you get in Fortnite? Answer: Orange Justice Q 4. What is the main color of the Fortnite bus? Answer: Dark Blue Q 5. What was the most popular emote in season 3? Answer: Best Mates Q 6. How much health did a supply drop balloon originally have? Answer: 2000 Q 7. What does it say on the side of the minigun? Answer: Husk A La Vista Q 8. Fortnite will obviously inspire tons of other developers to create Battle Royale modes, but which game was the first to mention a new Royale mode at this year's E3? Answer: Battlefield Q 9. How long does it take to run across a single grid in one straight shot? Answer: 45 seconds Q 10. Fortnite was the 6th most popular PC game in January 2018, what position did it reach in May 2018? Answer: 2nd Oke mungkin itu saja , moga aja bisa membantu teman2 semuanya amin ,, Semoga sukses ,

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